‘Miracle Girl’ Whose Skull Swelled to a few TIMES Its traditional Size Defies Doctors To Survive

A little lady whose head proud to 3 times its traditional size has created a ‘miraculous’ recovery – and has even currently celebrated the birth of a baby brother. Doctors believed Roona Muhammadan, from a village in northeastern Asian country, wouldn’t live past her 1st birthday once she was born with AN extreme kind of hydrocephaly – once fluid builds au courant the brain. however because of emergency surgery to cut back the circumference of her head from a staggering 37in to 23in, Roona can celebrate her fifth birthday in Nov.


Shocking: this can be Roona Muhammadan in 2013, once she was born with a condition that caused fluid to create au fait her brain and her bone to grow to 3 times its usual size